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laser marking machine Unable to find dongle, software will work in demo mode


"Unable to find dongle, software will work in demo mode" this prompt is familiar to users of laser marking machines, so why does this prompt appear?How to troubleshoot tips?

1, the  Ezcad software is not installed driver

2, or drive out, need to be reinstalled

3. Before opening the software, the board card has no power

4, JCZ software version and driver does not match

5. The usb cable between the machine and the computer is loose

    If not for the above reasons, the software before good, suddenly can not use, this prompt, please follow the following method to deal with

   1. Check whether the computer is installed with anti-virus software. Generally, anti-virus software will delete software DLL files or drivers, leading to the prompt of the fault

   2. Turn on the cabinet of laser marking machine to check whether the board card indicator light is on. If not, please observe whether the 5V power indicator light is on.If all bright, may be the board card problems, contact after sales, replacement board card

Jinan GOLDWAY laser equipment

Jinan GOLDWAY laser equipment

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