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CO2 laser marking makes wood carving more vivid


     CO2 laser marking machine is CO2 laser marking machine, is the use of CO2 gas as working medium of the galvanometer laser marking machine, CO2 laser with CO2 gas as medium, carbon dioxide and other auxiliary gases filling the discharge tube on the electrode and high-pressure glow discharge in the discharge tube, make the gas release a wavelength of 10.64 um laser, the laser energy, enlarge the galvanometer scanning and F - Theta after focusing lens, in under the control of the computer and laser marking control card can according to the requirement of the user on artifacts of images, words, figures, lines marking. Wood is wood as raw materials, after processing,The products formed can be divided into the following categories: furniture wood products, office wood products, craft wood products, gardening wood products, life wood products, and now high-tech wood products.The wood products we see in our daily life are in a unique style, different from the simple and undecorated ones in the past.

   With the rapid development of economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the requirements of daily life articles are also gradually improved in terms of quality and appearance.Furniture serves as the most important component of woodwork, its serves as it is simple life articles for use no longer, however the life articles for use in artwork, bring different savour and warmth to own life.As we all know, want to let woodwork have chic and exquisite design and other effect before, often need the careful carve of skillful craftsman, hold the intensity of every cent carving, ability lets integral effect do not lose verve.However, in today's rising labor costs, it is not only very expensive to obtain such exquisite woodworking products, but also unable to effectively guarantee the quality of products.

    Laser processing is different from the traditional processing. The current laser processing USES the laser beam with high energy density to transform into heat energy, which immediately causes the thermal decomposition and carbonization of wood, so as to remove some materials and produce exquisite patterns, patterns and words on the surface of wood products.At the same time, the whole processing process is controlled by computer, which does not need superb technology like traditional processing. Even very complicated patterns can be easily processed by computer.In addition, the laser can form very small laser beam after focusing, so even very small marking of wood products, laser processing can take into account, unlike traditional processing, not only can not achieve the precision of processing, but also the processing effect is difficult to guarantee.Because of using traditional wood products are mostly handmade carving time consuming and cost of energy, require processors must have superb technology and artistic threshold high requirements, so the wood products industry development is slow, and now with the laser marking machine, laser cutting machine, laser equipment, greatly reduce the processing costs and processing of wood products industry threshold, at the same time have improved the effect of wood products processing, wood products in the market competitive advantage is more obvious.


Jinan GOLDWAY laser equipment

Jinan GOLDWAY laser equipment

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