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Introduction of laser marking machine and fiber laser marking machine


     Optical fiber laser marking machine is the most widely used machine, it USES a fiber laser output laser, then through high-speed scanning galvanometer system implementation marking function, fiber laser marking mechanical and optical conversion efficiency is high, the cooling air cooling way, small equipment volume, the output beam quality is good, high reliability, long operating life, energy saving, can be carved metal materials and some non-metallic materials.Is mainly applied to the depth, smoothness and high precision requirements, such as mobile phone sequins, clocks and watches, stainless steel mold, IC, mobile phone keys, and other industries, the bitmap marking, can be in metal, plastic and other surface beautifully carved images, and marking the speed of the first generation is the traditional lamp pumped marking machine, marking the second generation of semiconductor of 3 ~ 12 times.

Optical fiber laser marking machine is a dynamic marking function developed on the basis of laser marking machine, which is mainly used in assembly line operation. It can mark products for 360 days without limit, and can automatically generate serial number and batch number so as to greatly improve the production efficiency of enterprises, and save a lot of labor.

Jinan GOLDWAY laser equipment

Jinan GOLDWAY laser equipment

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