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Recently, the ministry of commerce spokesman Shen Danyang at a regular news conference, said hope this part of the eastern transfer of processing trade to be able to go to the central and western regions, more to transfer abroad, slower, less to stay at home, as much as possible the processing trade to keep the root.

In April, according to customs data, processing trade exports fell by 8.2%, 14 consecutive months of negative growth, lower overall export growth of 2.9%. The first 4 months, processing trade import and export of 2.09 trillion yuan, down 11.4%, about 29.1% of the total cost of the foreign trade, down 2.3% than the same period last year.

As is known to all, with rising labor costs in recent years, the rising cost of other factors of production, and increase of external pressure, coupled with the eastern region, in the process of transformation and upgrading of processing trade enterprises are in a part of the industry shift outward. In terms of the situation, our country's foreign trade development is facing the challenge.

Cic Guo Fan consultancy study director li in an interview with the China sankei shimbun reporters, said the transformation and upgrading of processing trade is in the east, part of the industry in the transfer to the surrounding countries. As much as possible in order to keep the processing trade in the domestic, the state council recently issued "about stabilized to the good several opinions on promoting foreign trade, the integrated use of finance, land, financial policy, support to the Midwest transfer of processing trade, and cancel for examination and approval of processing trade business across the country, perfect things afterwards supervision mechanism and so on policies and measures.

Shen Danyang said at the news conference, in the past 30 years, the processing trade of our country foreign trade development plays a very important role. "Processing trade accounts for the proportion of China's foreign trade reached 53%, and now a sharp fall in the proportion of processing trade to only about 30%, which is now total foreign trade growth is relatively weak."

It's not hard to see from the data, the processing of the foreign trade is continuously outward transfer, the transfer direction is west Africa such as the production cost is relatively low in developing countries. As is known to all, China is a developing country, is from foreign trade processing, manufacturing, development, current foreign trade processing continuously outward transfer to our country in the field of the traditional advantage of competitiveness is also a kind of attack.

Shen Danyang said, will be in accordance with the "stabilized to the good several opinions on promoting foreign trade demand, focus on support for the processing trade, adopt measures in line with wto rules, promote the charm of the Midwest for processing trade enterprises, attempt to remain in the country of processing trade, and to maintain competitiveness in the field of the traditional advantage in China.

Jinan GOLDWAY laser equipment

Jinan GOLDWAY laser equipment

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