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fiber laser cutting machine
fiber laser cutting machine

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1. Support plane cutting and three-dimensional cutting of plate and pipe cutting, punching, cutting patterns and hollowing, etc.;The equipment is equipped with special CAD/CAM software for automatic programming and nesting to save raw materials to the greatest extent.It can communicate with the CNC system directly through WIFI to realize data transmission and troubleshooting.Cutting effect: no deformation in plate cutting, no burr in pipe cutting;

2. Fast cutting speed and high efficiency.

3, 600 ℃ high temperature tempering, 24 hour with furnace cooling, the import of longmen milling machining, precision co2 protection welding, ensure normal use 20 years changeless form.

4, can be equipped with automatic chuck, instant automatic centering clamping work, at the same time, the size of the air pressure can be adjusted to keep the clamping force stable and reliable.

5, extremely high stability, using the world's top fiber laser, stable performance, the service life of key components can reach 100,000 hours, laser maintenance free.

6, ultra-low cost, ultra-low power consumption cost, air assisted, cutting various metal sheet.

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Jinan GOLDWAY laser equipment

Jinan GOLDWAY laser equipment

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